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Xiamen Nameite New Materials Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech company founded in September of 2011 at Xiamen, China. The company got initial investment more than 30 million yuan and engaged in research, production and market for serving the Nano porous silica thermal insulation and energy-saving blanket, panel, glass, powder.

We own strong ability of independent research and development and innovation leaded by an experienced team, including famous academician, professors, doctors, and senior engineers and technicians. Since 2002, our research team has already investigated the ‘Nano porous materials’ and achieved the innovative results. We have own 16 national invention patents, and our products have passed the ISO 9001-2015 quality management system certification. We are also the organization unit of nanopore aerogel composite insulation products national standards. We are selected as the new material enterprise of Xiamen city

After many years of research and development, production and sales service, we have set up a strict, scientific quality control system and perfect service system. We are now successfully developed aerogel thermal insulation blanket, panel, glass, coating and multifunctional powder and particles, which have been successfully used in aerospace, military defense, petrochemical, building thermal insulation, power grid, vehicle transportation, cold chain, daily insulation and many other fields.

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